Bullet vibrators are small and portable in appearance, but they are give full fun and can be carried by any woman anywhere, as they fit easily into any bag due to their small size. These bullet vibrators can be used anywhere, There are many types of materials used in making bullet vibrators such as ABS plastic, silicon, TPR.

The above material is not harmful to human body, these bullet vibrators are used by women for sex gratification, There are many types of bullet vibrators available in the market today. Bullet vibrators are also very easy to use, some bullet vibrators have a battery, some are rechargeable.

First of all, you have to take care of the type of vibrator you have purchased, if you have purchased a battery powered bullet vibrator, first of all put the battery in it and check the proper one is running and if you have rechargeable the bullet vibrator then its Fully charge the bullet vibrator before use

Types of Bullet Vibrators

1- Single Speed Bullet Vibrators

2- Multi Speed Bullet Vibrators

3- Wirelss Bullet Vibrators

Features that come with these bullet vibrators

  • The size of the bullets vibrator is very compact
  • It is very easy to take these bullet vibrators anywhere
  • They are completely waterproof
  • They are very easy to use
  • Their size does not threaten your privacy.
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