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What is Luxury Vibrators

Sex toys aren't a luxury commodity but some fancy tools qualify as such. Female sex toys, specifically vibrators, come in buttloads of varieties and there are hundreds of them which are eligible to be called luxury vibrators. These cost more than average women sex toys. But, is there anything more to these vibrators, other than a slightly higher price tag? Of course, there is. The texture, colour, the look and the feel of these luxury vibrators make you forget that it is indeed a sex toy. It appears more like a decorative piece of art that you would like to showcase or just hold in your hands to appreciate the craftsmanship.

Apart from the royal look and feel, these toys also have functional advantages over other female sex toys. They are made from the highest quality body-safe material, which would never dare to harm your sensitive skin down there.

Types of luxury vibrators

Most luxury vibrators are designed to work as either clitoral massager or dual stimulation toy like a rabbit vibrator. However, some of them target the prostate and g-spot as well. We can categories them as follows:

Clitoral vibrators: Most luxury vibrators are designed to provide clitoral stimulation. There is no need for insertion. All you have to do is caress the external parts of the vagina with the help of different vibration speeds and frequencies.

Dual sensation vibrators: These vibrators are designed to perform vaginal penetration in addition to external stimulation. The G-spot vibrating cup and the rabbit massager are fine examples of luxury dual sensation vibrators. One part enters inside the vagina while the other one lies on top of the clitoris.

G-spot vibrators: Some luxury vibrators are carved in the shape of a wand that is curved like a banana. The design is aimed at G-spot stimulation. Some models also have a suction system on the shaft that caress the g-spot inside the vagina.

Tongue vibrators: In this design, the vibrator has a soft tongue-shaped part that vibrates frantically over the clitoris. It aims to simulate oral sex for women.

Remote controlled vibrators: Some luxury vibrators come with the ability to connect to the internet. It allows your partner to control the sex toy from far away. What's the purpose of this? To ignite the sex talks over telephone calls.

Where to buy luxury vibrators online?

At BuySexToy, you can purchase all kinds of women sex toys including luxury vibrators. We deliver the products in a discreet package to protect your privacy. Our shipping service covers the whole of the country so you can buy luxury vibrators online in India without worrying about anything.

How to use Luxury Vibrators

Luxury vibrators are just premium vibrators that look and feel good aside from providing sexual pleasure. You need to use it as a regular female sex toy. The first step involves cleaning the surface of the vibrator with a piece of cloth to get rid of dust if any. Now you have to apply a silicone-based lubricant to the toy. Apply the lube to the vaginal penetration part as well as the clitoral stimulation part. Once you put it in place, start the vibrations. You can start slow but speed up vibrations as per your comfort level.

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