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What is Penis Enlargement

Does size matter? If it's a question that has persisted for decades, then there's no clear answer to such a query. Some women prefer a large penis while others get off on performance and stamina. However, a man's desire for penis enlargement remains constant almost everywhere, including our country. For this very reason, there are multiple penis enlargement products in India which claim to increase the length and girth of the male sex organ. At BST, you can buy penis enlargement products online. You will find everything from enlargement pumps to enlargement creams and oils. We also have popular penis enlargement capsules available online. But do consult your doctor before using any of these products. We also have a wide range of male and female sex toys, so don't forget to check that out too.

Types of Penis Enlargement Products in India

There are broadly three kinds of penis enlargement products. Vacuum pumps that work externally, creams and oils that massage the male sex organ, and capsules that work from the inside. All of these things do not physically stretch your penis but make your erections harder and bigger by letting in more blood into your man-thing. Remember, an erection happens when the brain sends blood into the penis which gets accumulated into the blood vessels of the phallus.

Vacuum pumps: Just like a dumbbell is a tool to help you grow your biceps and triceps, a vacuum pump exists to provide penile exercise to help grow the male genitalia. Once you put the penis inside the pump and start to suck out the air, the blood flows inside the penis and you have an erect soldier. Sucking out more air increases the blood flow and the penis grows in size. This exercise helps the penis get used to additional blood flow to make its size bigger.

Penis enlargement oils, gels, creams: Massaging the male sex organ with an enlargement oil, gel or cream could help the blood circulation inside the penis. The healthy this blood flow is, the healthier and stronger your erection will be. As the blood holding capacity of the penis increases, the size also increases.

Penis enlargement capsules: Some proven medicines help ease the blood flow into the penis, thus making it bigger. Some claim to increase the size of blood vessels inside the phallus to help it grow in length and girth. However, you should not take them on your own.

  • Use these products under doctor's advice and care

How to use Penis Enlargement Product

Different penis enlargement products have different ways of usage. The vacuum pumps are meant to serve as an exercise tool for your penis., just like the morning-wood erection works as an exercise for every penis in the world. You put your penis inside the pump, push out the air, and stay like this for 10-15 minutes. Then, you have to repeat the process two more times. Each pump has slightly different directions of use, so read the instructions before you try to do anything.

The penis enlargement oils, creams, and gels need to be massaged to the skin of the phallus. Most of these products advise you to massage it before going to the bed. Follow the instructions written on the product. The same goes for the penis enlargement capsules as well. You should read the instructions for dosage and do not forget to consult the doctor.

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