What is Penis Ring?

A penis ring is a wonderful item. It is not only a sex toy for men but also acts as an accessory that delays male ejaculation. As its name suggests, the penis ring is meant to be worn like a ring on the male genitalia. It helps men maintain the erection for longer periods by extending the ejaculation time. The female orgasm is tricky and hard to reach, but a penis ring offers men a higher chance of pleasing their partner in bed.

As a sex toy, penis rings can please both men and women. These have a textured adjoining piece above the ring to perform female clitoral stimulation. Some rings have a vibrator that takes the external stimulation to another level. As a bonus, if a man wears the vibrator part upside down, he will have the time of his life with testicular stimulation.

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Types of cock rings in India

Penis rings are made from soft and stretchable material. We can categorize them into four kinds:

Textured penis rings: Some rings have a textured design just above the ring meant to be worn on the penis. These exist to provide the woman with clitoral stimulation with each thrust.

Vibrating penis rings: It is the most common one. It features a spot above the ring where the vibrator is fixed. You can turn it on or off as per your liking. It can either give the man testicular stimulation or provide the woman with vibrating external stimulation when the penis is inside the vagina.

Vibrating textured penis rings: These have both the texture and the place to hold the vibrating bullet. It is a two-in-one ring that has a wide usability index.

Dual vibrating penis rings: Some penis rings are designed to offer both men and women vibrating sensations at the same time. For this, these have vibrators attached on both top and bottom of the ring. The bottom one caresses the male testicles while the top one caters to the woman's clitoris.

How do penis rings work?

Women are hard to satisfy. Men need a lot more stamina to bring their partner to climax. If someone suffers from performance anxiety then its game over. Penis rings are here to delay ejaculation. But how? Let us explain.

When a man is aroused, the brain sends blood to the penis. It gets collected into the blood vessels that results in an erection. The erection stays as long as the blood is present in the penis' blood cavity. The penis ring traps this blood into the penis. So even if you feel some psychological pressure that could deflate your boner, this accessory maintains the erection.

How to use a penis ring

Using a penis ring would be the easiest thing to do. As soon as you get an erection, stretch the ring and gently put it at the base of the penis. Remember to push it back to the length of the penis as you do with a condom. Now proceed with the sex as you do normally.

In case you are using a vibrating ring of any kind, press the button on the vibrator to start the vibrations. Set it to the comfort level of your partner and then proceed to have sex. Once you are done, remove the ring.

But do remember, a penis ring could delay your ejaculation and increase the intensity of climax but do not wear it for more than 30 minutes. The ring traps the blood into the penis. Wearing it for extended periods could cause nerve or vascular damage.

Benefits of a Conk Ring

  • They can boost your sexual confidence.
  • They can delay and strengthen your orgasm.
  • They can give your partner a better sexual experience
  • Adding a few waves of Vibrating cock ring will make your partner wonder at your new addition!
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