Realistic Half Body Silicone Sex Doll for Men (Only Prepaid Order)

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Product Description

If you want to be able to feel like you’re doing it with a real-life woman without actually seeing one, you might want to check out this Realistic Half Body Silicone Sex Doll for Men! It has everything you might ever need for fulfilling your wildest fantasies, all in one place!

this masturbator successfully imitates a woman’s torso, complete with surprisingly realistic genital and anal areas. Among her most important features, there are the perfectly rounded breasts that will leave you breathless with both their size and lifelike texture. Whenever you get in the mood for something arousing, start by running your hands across her firm nipples. When you’re ready, her thighs will be waiting for you, spread apart just enough to welcome you into the soft vaginal opening. To make the experience even more exciting, her pussy is equipped with a multispeed vibrator that will send waves of pleasure through your entire body. And whenever you feel the need to mix it up a bit, simply turn her around and treat yourself to penetrating her tight anus. The ribbed interior will make it even easier for you to achieve mind-blowing orgasms every time you take her for a ride into one of your fantasies.


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Flesh (Skin)


11 inch


6 inch


2 Kg

Body Parts

Vagina, Ass, Boobs

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How to use Soft Soft Silicon Skirt Sex Doll for Male

  • Keep it clean and when in use.
  • Use it better with lubrication.
  • Wash, dry, and store with care.
  • Put the penis into the toy until climax and discharge.

When you need the sex doll ?

  • When you willing to improve your skills, this Soft Silicon Skirt Sex Doll for Male can use as a trainer;
  • When your wife/girlfriend not at your side, the Soft Silicon Skirt Sex Doll for Male will confort you;
  • When your wife/ girlfriend in Physiological period you may need this Soft Silicon Skirt Sex Doll for Male;
  • When your wife is pregnant, you need this Soft Silicon Skirt Sex Doll for Male
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