Soft Silicon Multi Speed Rabbit Vibrator for Female

What is Rabbit Vibrators

We are currently in the golden age of sex toys. You can find loads of innovative sex toys in India and buy them online. Even vibrators have multiple categories spread across different shapes, sizes and functionalities. Among these, rabbit vibrators are one of the most erotic women sex toys.

A rabbit vibrator is generally in the shape of a penis but without the texture and visual similarities, unlike a dildo. The toy also has an adjoining piece attached to the shaft which is designed for clitoral stimulation. This particular vibrator is named after a rabbit because of its shape since the shaft and the clitoral stimulator look like a pair of rabbit ears.

The main part of the vibrator is meant for vaginal penetration. When it is inside, the clitoral part lies flat on the clitoris of the woman. Both these parts vibrate and provide stimulation to both the exterior and the interior of the vagina. The vibration controls are at the wand below the shaft. You can control the speed as well as the frequency of these vibrations.

At BuySexToy, you can buy rabbit vibrators online in India along with other vibrators and vibrating dildos. Not only this, we have multiple designs of rabbit vibrators that you can select. You can buy sex toys from us without worrying about your privacy as our package comes via discreet delivery.

Types of Rabbit Vibrators

Rabbit vibrators are generally made out of silicon and sometimes with a soft transparent material. It does not technically have a type but based on the slight variations in designs, we can define certain toys into different kinds:

Basic Rabbit Vibrator: This is one is your standard rabbit vibrator. The shaft is straight, much like a dildo and the clitoral stimulation part is curved to lie on top of the clitoris.

G-spot Rabbit Vibrator: This vibrator has a curved shaft that is designed to hit the G-spot inside the vagina.

Rabbit ears: In this design, the clitoral stimulator has two bunny ears for additional exterior pleasure.

Suction vibrator: This toy is just a regular rabbit vibrator but the shaft is equipped with air suction technology. The suction is built to hit the G-spot.

Rotating Head: Some massagers have the functionality to rotate the head inside the vagina. You just need to press some buttons and the shaft rotates its textured head inside the vagina to demand erotic moans from the user.

Remote Control: This one connects to the internet. This allows your partner to remotely control it with their smartphone. That sure makes the sex talks steamy.

How to use Rabbit Vibrators

Just like any other female sex toy, you need to first lubricate the shaft and clitoral stimulator of the rabbit vibrator. Now you need to insert it inside the vagina and place the clitoral part right above your clitoris. Once you are in the right position, start the vibrations using the buttons on the bottom. Set the vibrations to slow at first and then increase the speed as per your comfort level. You can also thrust the vibrator in-and-out if you want.

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