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What is Vibrators

A vibrator is a woman's best friend. It comes in all kinds of shapes and sizes to give the feeling of oral sex or a deep internal stimulation or both. From vibrating dildo to rabbit vibrators, each device is designed to help you achieve orgasm. There are also the ones that help you enjoy sex with your partner like a strap on dildo. There are some luxury vibrators and there are those which could be controlled either via a physical remote or a private app. The available options are more than you can ask. Just imagine a stimulation and there will be a massager to hit that spot.

Types of vibrators

Apart from the vibrating dildo, rabbit vibrators, and strap on dildo, there are loads of other tools made out of body-safe silicone for the ladies out there. The vulva vibrator fits in the palm of your hand and stimulates, yes you guessed it, the vulva. Then there's clitoral and labia massager, which takes care of these exact spots on the vagina. The pulse and suction vibrator is here to give you the feeling of oral sex with its tricks. There are also vibrators that feel like a real tongue. A wand massager is the most common female sex toy you will find out there.

However, one of the most popular tools for a woman is the rabbit vibrator. This thing is shaped to provide not only the external sensation but also the internal stimulation. A vibrating dildo is the next most popular thing you can find for female sexual satisfaction. The toys in this category have different designs as per one's needs. As we've already talked about, strap on dildo is for those who have a partner.

How to use vibrators

Different vibrators have different uses and different methods to use. First, you need to decide what kind of stimulation you want and then you can learn how to use that particular kind of sex toy. The external massager allows you to stimulate the outer parts of the vagina like the clitoris, vulva, and labia. You need to place the vibrator on your erogenous zone and set the vibration to a level that makes you feel comfortable. You need to start slow and then speed up the vibrations as you progress.

A vibrating dildo needs to be inserted inside the vaginal opening just like a penis. While the vibrations do their work, you can also use hand motions to thrust it in and out. Some argue that a vibrating dildo is better than an actual penis because of this functionality.

Luxury vibrators like the Rabbit vibrator provide both external and internal stimulation. The part that penetrates the vagina vibrates inside while the external part meant for clitoral stimulation also provides bliss on the outside. So you just need to put it in and enjoy it. Last but not least, a strap on dildo needs to be worn by your partner like a belt. Now, one of you has an erect penis and you just need to get on with the action.

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